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Choose this option if you feel that the video depictions violate local and/or federal laws. Please understand that we follow United States Code, Title 18, Section 2257 and Section 2256 and the difference between sexually explicit and non-sexually explicit as defined, allowed, and prohibited by the law. If you feel that a video violates United States law, please report the video to bring it to our attention. To report a video, you must be logged in to a registered account (to help combat frivolous reporting), navigate to the infringing video, click "Report", select the appropriate reason and "Flag this file".

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Choose this option if you feel that you are the legal owner of the video and did not authorize its use on this website. If choosing this option, it is NOT enough to just request the video to be removed; you MUST follow proper DMCA (Digital Meillennium Copyright Act) protocol by contacting us in writing, declaring you are the owner, providing the necessary personal information, and properly identifying the infringing content.

We have provided an easy online form for you to fill out, please read the instructions on the form and provide ALL information or your request will be considered frivolous and will be ignored. The form can be located here.
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